Press Report 12th June 2022

Desborough travelled to Great Hollands knowing that they were going to face a challenging green and so it transpired as it ended in a 54 shot defeat, 60 – 114. There were some good individual performances but conditions made it difficult to get a rhythm as a team and we ended up winning on only one rink which meant the stars of the day were Ralph Hatch, Len Stallwood and Dave Hasler who were victorious 22- 17.

Rink scores

P Hatch                 R Stallwood        S Isaac                   8 -24

H Payne               J Monteiro          T Buckley             11 – 19

R Hatch                 L Stallwood         D Hasler               22 – 17

L Davis                  J Bucknell            E Sharpe              10 – 30

E Sharpe              J Smelt                  P Winstanley      9 – 24


Desborough held their annual Charity Day which was again in support of the Thames Hospice and £300+ was raised. It involved a triples competition with the winner being decided by the highest shot difference and that team were Andre Davis, Jacinta Monteiro and Roger Wyatt.

In the Kennet League, the B team were once again victorious 12 – 2 against Sunningdale  and remain top of their division. The A team went down 2 – 12 to a strong Reading side.

In the KLV, the A team went to Windsor & Eton and beat their A side 8 – 2 but the B team didn’t fare so well at the same venue as the went down 2 – 8 to their C side. The C team have moved up the table with a 10 – 0 win against Sunningdale A.

In the National Men’s Double Fours, Desborough travelled to old foes Windsor & Eton and came away with a four shot victory, 34 – 30. The next round is on June 21.

Rink scores

A Essex                 B Forster              D Seymour          M Essex               20 – 10

P Braddock         K Roper                G Mason              M Peachey         14 – 20

In the TVL,  Bluebells hosted the Wokingham Acorns and won 8 – 2 which included a fantastic performance from Gina Braddock, Sylvia Laban and Gill O’Neill who won 23 – 6. The Buttercups weren’t so lucky as they went down at Trenthams.

In the County competitions , it has been left to Mark Essex to fly the flag for Desborough in the Men’s Singles as he beat Barrie Taylor 21 – 10. Mark is also still in the County Unbadged, Pairs, 2 Wood and Singles Champion of Champions when he beat George Harris of Great Hollands 21 – 15.

In the Men’s Fours , Desborough still have rinks skipped by Bruce Adams, Mark Peachey and Andrew Essex left in the competition but unfortunately the triple skipped by Mark Peachey has bowed out of the Benevolent Triples after a narrow defeat to Windsor & Eton.

For the Ladies, Angie Isaac remains in the Singles after a win against an opponent from Bracknell and now faces Morgan Merryweather. However the performance of the week came from Jacinta Monteiro in the Unbadged Singles as she was facing defeat in the face as she stood at 12 – 20 but fought back to get to the magic figure of 21 to get a well earned win. 

Press Report 5th June 2022

Desborough made their annual pilgrimage to Southampton Old Green with the usual result as they went down by 46 shots, 93 – 139. Some of the rinks found it challenging but Desborough managed to win on two rinks with the rink skipped by Mike Whittingham being victorious which left top rink honours to go to Sally Darby, Linda Davis, Peter Crabbe and Roger Wyatt who won 24 -12. Desborough will have a chance of revenge in the return on August 13.

Rink scores

C Bartlett             H Watkins            J May          P Patel                           9 – 31

J Kingston            V Wyatt                J Skinner     B Wright                    15 – 22

T Skinner             J Bucknell            M O’Reilly  M Whittingham          20 -17

S Darby                 L Davis                  P Crabbe    R Wyatt                          24 – 12

F Bateman          N Bayley              J Monteiro  T Buckley                     16 -26

J Walker               H Payne               M Hobson   P Winstanley              9 – 31


Desborough welcomed the Berkshire Masonic B.A. to York Road and managed to win their first friendly of the season with a 41 shot victory, 100 – 59. Top rink honours went to Jacinta Monteiro, Mandy Boyce and Paul Patel.

In the Kennet League, Desborough B went to the top of their division with a 10 – 4 victory over Wargrave which included a fantastic performance from the rink of Richard Earl, Jim May, Tony Buckley and Dick Bishop who won 29 – 7. Desborough A unfortunately lost 14 – 0 away at Wokingham A.

In the KLV , the A team managed to win 8 – 2 away at the Royal Household which  included a top performance from Peter Braddock, Bruce Adams and Dave Seymour who won 25 -10. That was mirrored by the D team who also won 8 – 2 away at Suttons C which included a spectacular performance from Robert Vandenberghen, Len Stallwood and Ralph Hatch who won 27 – 7. Desborough C managed to beat Windsor & Eton C 10 – 0.

In the TVL, the Bluebells managed to get a draw against the Sutton Seeds and the Buttercups managed to get an 8 – 2 victory which included a great win from Janice Gibbs, Tonie Philpott and Judy Smelt who won 20 -11.

In the National Top Club Desborough played Bracknell and with Andrew Essex winning the 4 wood singles and Peter Braddock winning the 2 wood it seemed that the Maidenhead side were in the box seat to claim victory. In the end it came down to what happened to the triple skipped by Mark Essex and with the last wood on the last end success just eluded them but it was a terrific effort nonetheless. Hard luck lads!!

Press Report 29th May 2022

With no friendlies this week it was left to the Men’s Leagues to shine and there were contrasting fortunes.

In the Kennet League, Desborough’s A team played their counterparts from Caversham but unfortunately had a night to forget on a tricky green as they went down 2 – 12. It was the opposite in the battle of the B teams as Desborough beat Caversham  12 – 2 mainly due to a superb effort from Paul Winstanley, John Skinner, Jim McDonnell and Dick Bishop who won by 21 shots.

The KLV had the highlight of a club battle between the B and C teams and with a late surge from the rink skipped by Jim McDonnell, the B team managed to win 8 -2. Due to the Queen’s Jubilee the B team have played again since and thanks to a great effort from the rink skipped by Jim McDonnell (again!!) managed to get over the line by the narrowest of margins against Sunningdale B and Desborough B won 8 – 2 and now sit top of their division. Desborough’s KLV A team lost out on local bragging rights as they went down by 2 – 12 to Thicket A.

Mark and Andrew Essex managed to win through in their County Pairs game by beating a strong pairing from Royal Household 20-11. They move into the 2nd round to be played on 16th June against opponents yet unknown.

Mark Essex defeated Andrew Watson from Windsor Great Park 17-6 in the 2 Wood County Singles to move into the next round to be played in the coming 3 weeks.

Press Report 22nd May 2022

Desborough travelled to High Wycombe for the first leg of the Dessau Cup with some trepidation but needn’t have been so worried as they only lost by 4 shots, 71 – 75. A lot of the Maidenhead side’s bowlers found the green challenging but the rink skipped by Steve Isaac managed to win by 5 shots but there was no doubting who got top rink honours as Helen Payne, Russell Dale, Phil Smith and John Davis were always in control as they won 21 – 9. It is all set up for the 2nd leg which will be held at Desborough on June 19.

Rink scores

G Braddock         D Smith                J May                    A Isaac                  12 – 17

P Winstanley      B Forster              J Walker               B Wright               12 – 19

J Monteiro          W Renouf            B Harris                 T Buckley             8 – 17

H Boyce                A Davis                 L Davis                  S Isaac                   18 – 13

H Payne               R Dale                   P Smith                 J Davis                   21 – 9


The next day, Desborough travelled again to High Wycombe, this time to play Bassetsbury Manor and as both teams won on 3 rinks, the Captains, David Webster and Tony Buckley, declared the match a draw. Once again a rink skipped by John Davis won by 6 shots and the rink skipped by Michael Hobson was in contention to be top rink but they lost out to Huw Jones, a loanee from the hosts, along with the Stallwoods, Rose and Len, who won it on countback.


Rink scores

V Wyatt                J Bucknell            S Isaac                   15 – 18

C Tupling              D Hasler               R Wyatt                11 – 30

T Philpott             J May                    J Davis                   18 – 14

P Winstanley      J Seymour           T Buckley             9 – 25

H Boyce                A Isaac                  M Hobson           22 – 15

H Jones(sub)      R Stallwood        L Stallwood         18 – 11


In the TVL, Desborough’s  Bluebells won 6 – 4 against a formidable Reading side which was mainly down to a stellar performance from Pam Harrison Smith, Linda Davis and Jean Seymour who won 23 – 12.

There was only 1 game in the Kennet League as the A team beat the mighty Bracknell 12 – 2 with some help from subs from the B team.

The KLV was a mixed bag as the A team went down narrowly 4 – 6 to Maidenhead Town B and the C team lost 3 – 7 to Maidenhead Thicket B. However with a gutsy performance, especially from the rink skipped by Jim McDonnell, the B team won 8 – 2 against Maidenhead Town C.

In the County Mixed Double Fours once again Desborough lost out to Windsor & Eton but this time it was very close as they went down by only 3 shots, 24 – 27.

Bowls England Big Weekend 28th May - Join Us

We have joined with Bowls England to support and participate in their Bowls’ Big Weekend initiative. This event is intended to promote the game of bowls throughout the UK.

As a present member of Desborough Bowling Club, we would greatly appreciate your help in promoting and publicising our planned Open Day on Saturday, 28th May, by inviting any of your friends, neighbours and relations, and anyone else who you think may be interested in taking up bowls, to join us on the day. The Club has a healthy membership at present, however new members will always be made very welcome.

Extract from Bowls England website

“The Bowls’ Big Weekend is a national event taking place from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th May, providing the opportunity for you, your friends and family to give bowls a go. Up and down the country bowls clubs will be opening their doors to people who want to try a new sport, have some fun and meet new people. With a summer of sport ahead, where lawn bowls will take centre stage at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, there’s no reason not to give the sport a go!”

As part of the Bowls’ Big Weekend we at Desborough Bowling Club are having an OPEN DAY on SATURDAY 28th MAY from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

We will make certain everyone visiting on the Open Day will have a warm welcome and the opportunity  to experience bowling in an International bowling centre with  6 outdoor and 8 indoor rinks and a full range of bars and catering facilities.

You may register your intention to visit Desborough on the Bowls England website OR even better just turn up!  you will be very welcome.

We look forward to seeing you.


Outdoor Members,,

We hope you all enjoying playing bowls outdoors again, especially with the hot and sunny weather we are enjoying ?

Please find attached ( hard copy available to collect from the front of the reception desk) the club competition entry forms. There are a few changes from last year with some of the less popular competitions withdrawn and new, hopefully, more popular ones added.

Outdoor Season Entry Form and Rules

Following 2021 success we hope to encourage as many entrants as possible with ALL entry fees collected given out to the various winners and losers.

Closing date for entry is 31st May and the draw will be done by the end of that week. All monies to be paid to reception desk along with completed forms.

For those of you who took your trophies home please return them ASAP so that we can then get them engraved in time for this years finals weekend.

We will also run the ever popular Last Ditch Trophy ( open to all) and a Bowls ladder with target to release details by the end of this month.

Wishing you all a happy and successful outdoor season and look forward to receiving all your entry forms before the end of this month.

Best regards

Mark Peachey


For the first game of the 2022 outdoor season, Desborough travelled down the A4 to Cippenham and after a match on a challenging green they fell to a 16 shot defeat, 98 -114. Being the first game of the season, everyone struggled to get their rhythm especially the rink skipped by Tony Buckley which seemed to go into meltdown in the second half of the game after a promising start. Desborough did manage to win on two rinks with the rink skipped by Captain Mike Whittingham being victorious but top rink honours went to Maureen O’Reilly, Mark Harris and Roger Wyatt who won by 13 shots, 24 – 11.

Rink scores

R Stallwood        D Isaacs                B Wright                               15 – 19

M O’Reilly           M Harris               R Wyatt                                24 – 11

V Wyatt               B Forster             M Whittingham                      21 – 14

H Boyce                A Isaac                  S Isaac                                   14 – 21

P Hatch                 L Stallwood         K Roper                                16 – 18

P Winstanley      G Braddock         T Buckley                               8 – 31

The Early Season Syndrome seemed to continue when Maidenhead Thicket were welcomed to Green Lane as the visitors inflicted a heavy defeat on us. Two rinks, skipped by John Davis and Steve Isaac, managed to win by 1 shot but this was one of those games that is put down to experience.

Rink scores

E Sharp                 P Patel                 M Everard           E Sharp                 8 – 31

V White                                M Hobson           J Monteiro          J Davis                   20 – 19

H Payne               M Harris               A Isaac                  M Whittingham 7 – 22

P Arnott               J Walker               P Winstanley      S Isaac                   18 – 17

T Philpott             A Davis                 K Barao                 M White              14 – 31

J Marshall            L Davis                  B Forster              K Roper                12 – 26

Indoor Season Wrap Up

I would like to thank all those that participated in the various competitions held this winter 2021/2022. I hope all enjoyed. An even bigger thank you to all those that came along to watch and support the players during finals week culminating in Friday’s 4 singles finals followed by presentation and prize giving. The event was very well attended, and we were treated to some excellent displays of skill.

Indoor Season Finals 2022 Results

Indoor Season 2022 Final League Tables

A copy of the finals results and the final league tables are displayed here and are also posted on the Indoor Noticeboard in the Clubhouse.

On behalf of the club, we hope you all enjoyed last season and look forward to welcoming you all back at the end of September’22.”

Mark Peachey

Easter Mixed Triples Tournament


For the first time in a while, Desborough played an Easter Tournament and all the monies from the entry fees went towards the Ukraine appeal. With a good mixture of new and experienced bowlers, 48 players played triples, firstly in a round robin which lead to a semi-final and final. After a display of excellent bowls from everybody, we reached the final where Norma Cormican (who gained family bragging rights!!), Marina Bignell and the evergreen Len Essex beat a new bowler, Alan Jones, David Cormican and Gill O’Neill. Scores don’t matter as a good time was had by all and well done to everybody who made it a great day. (see image to side).

Mary Price and Lorraine Woodley reached the National Finals at Nottingham in the Women’s Pairs but unfortunately they came up against a pair from Norfolk who defeated them 21 – 11. Hard luck ladies.


Mark and Andrew Essex were at the National championship held at Nottingham where they were playing in the family pairs Final stages bowls competition, having won the area finals last month.
Their first game was yesterday (Thursday) at 1 30 pm was up against a team from Clarrie Dunbar where they won by 17 shots to 16. Their next game was at 6 pm when the last 16 teams play at the same time. They played a team from Hartlepool.
After 5 ends they were losing 1 – 6, but after 10 ends had regained the lead to be leading by 10 – 7, but a strong recovery by Hartlepool saw Hartlepool leading 11 – 14 after 15 ends and they went on to win 15 – 16, just by 1 shot.
However a worthy and hard fought contest by the Essex boys, and full congratulations for getting this far. Well done.


For the final friendly of the indoor season, Desborough welcomed Southampton Old Green to Green Lane and the hosts cruised to a 112 shot victory, 202 – 90. It has to be said that the visitors had mainly out door bowlers but Desborough took full advantage as they won on 4 of the 6 rinks. The rinks skipped by Tony Buckley and Dave Webster both won by 20 shots, John Davis’ won by 42 and Keith Roper’s team won by a whopping 58 shots. It won’t be so easy when we play them outdoors


Rink scores


L Davis                  M Brett                   J Skinner               M Essex                 17 – 25

A Essex                 M Buckles             S Stack                  T Buckley              32 – 12

M Hutley                K Spracklen          M Hobson             B Wright                 13 – 33

J Monteiro             R Palmer               D Cormican          K Roper                 60 – 2

T Skinner              N Cormican          C Northover          D Webster             33 – 13

J Palmer                P Tuttle                  P Winstanley        J Davis                   47 – 5