A busy week at Desborough, on Saturday the 20th of November Desborough BC was the venue for the home matches of both the Ladies Yetton Cup (2nd Round) and the Men’s Denny Trophy (3rd Round).


With good support from members in the spectator’s area the Ladies achieved an excellent victory over Handy Cross and now go forward to play Swindon Manor on the 11th of December.




Overall Desborough 86 – Handy Cross 80

Lorraine Woodley won 21-17 (home)

Helen Jones won 29-14 (home)

Mary Price won 19-18 (away)

Jenny Morgan lost 17-31 (away)


Having progressed to the 3rd round the Men’s team faced a stiff challenge against Westlecot and after a close contest ended up losing by 14 shots – a very credible performance.



Overall Desborough 66 – Westlecot 80

Kevin Scrace won 22-18 (home)

John McGuiness lost 20-14 (home)

Malcom Woodley lost by six

Colin Jones lost by six


Club Friendly

On Sunday, 21st November Desborough hosted BERKS CIBA in a determined effort to win their first County Bannerette for several years. As usual, it was a very convivial affair enjoyed by all, however, Desborough could not match their opponents on the day and the County ran out winners by 40 shots!