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Newsletter – March 2021

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March 2021 Newsletter

Coronavirus Update – January 2021

The current restrictions we all live under in RBWM at present, being classified as Tier “4”, has resulted in a further closure of the Club until at least the 14th February when the Government are scheduled to review the COVID-19 situation.

Unfortunately, with the significant spread of the virus over recent weeks and the projected increases over the next few weeks, it appears extremely unlikely that we shall be able to re-open the Club until sometime in March 2021, at the earliest and even this date appears to be very optimistic.

We will of course keep Members informed as to when we can re-open and assure you all that as soon as we are permitted to do so we will re-open!

Coronavirus Update – 17th October 2020

Dear Member

We have been advised that the RBWM council are very concerned as to the “the COVID cases increasing at a worrying and alarming rate.”

(Latest data shows there are 110.9 cases per 100,000 in the borough, with 168 cases new cases reported for the week of 5-11 October).

The Council are therefore planning to formally to ask the Government, to move RBWM from the current status of Tier One- Medium Risk, to Tier Two – HIGH RISK next week.

If the RBWM is reclassified as Tier 2, as seems highly likely, then this action will inevitably result in the closure of all indoor bowls clubs in England for a limited period.

The threat of imminent closure, together with today learning that one of our playing members has been tested positive for COVID-19, has led the Management Team to recommend CLOSURE of the DESBOROUGH BOWLING CLUB ON A TEMPORARY BASIS FOR 14 DAYS, EFFECTIVE AS FROM SATURDAY 17TH OCTOBER until Monday 2nd NOVEMBER.

This closure is considered necessary to mitigate any potential risk and possible spread of the virus and the decision will be reviewed again at the end of the month.

Our members health and well-being is of paramount importance and, whilst we very much regret this action, the Management Team consider that circumstances now dictate that we have no option at this time.

We will continue to implement the COVID- Secure measures at the Club, which have to date been successful in mitigating any risk to our members and look forward to resuming bowling on the 2nd November.

Roger Wyatt

General Secretary

Deasborough Bowling Club

Congratulations to the Desborough Bowls Club Summer Competition Winners

Desborough Bowls Club had a shortened summer season due to the Coronavirus, but with correct social distancing the club managed to play some matches and had a summer competition of singles and pairs, and invited other local clubs to take part.  There were over 200 entries in the 11 different competitions, and although no cups were awarded to the winners, they did receive some prize money!  The winners of the Club Mens and Ladies Championships were Bruce Adams and Gina Braddock.