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Congratulations to the Desborough Bowls Club Summer Competition Winners

Desborough Bowls Club had a shortened summer season due to the Coronavirus, but with correct social distancing the club managed to play some matches and had a summer competition of singles and pairs, and invited other local clubs to take part.  There were over 200 entries in the 11 different competitions, and although no cups were awarded to the winners, they did receive some prize money!  The winners of the Club Mens and Ladies Championships were Bruce Adams and Gina Braddock.

The Final Ladder Positions – 23rd August 2020

Club Update – 11th August 2020

It’s a busy time at Desborough Bowling Club getting ready for the re-opening of the Indoor Bowls season starting from 1st September 2020.

We are very fortunate in having the room to successfully introduce social distancing within all areas (2.0M) together with informative and directional signage, perspex screens and sanitation points.

All signs etc. are now being installed, in accordance with the Government’s and EIBA Guidelines, to ensure the whole club premises are “COVID secure” ready for the return of our club members on the 1st September.

EIBA Guidelines – August 2020

For ease of planning the Guidance has been split into 3 sections:-

  • The club
  • Playing the sport
  • The players

It is important that Clubs critically assess the requirements and decide that, under the current conditions, whether they are able or unable to open, due to not being able to protect people and or is not financially viable to do so.


Club management need to critically review and fully complete a COVID-19 risk assessment on how they can set the facility up and play bowls so that they have the legal social-distancing and hygiene measures in place, in order to mitigate the risk of transmission.

This risk assessment should be continually reviewed and updated as the club is used by the Membership.


Entrance & Exit

Use one door for entry and another for exit. This would allow people for the next session to enter the building safely.

Members are able to enter the club using the ramp to the main entrance for the start of their game and exit the club afterwards using the alternative entrance and the main external stairs which will allow distancing of 2 metres at all times.

Allow sufficient time between sessions so to avoid people entering and exiting at the same time.

There will be a 30 minute break between each session.

Place a sign at the entrance informing members that if they have any of the symptoms listed e.g. persistent dry cough, temperature, loss of taste & smell that they should not enter the building.

Relevant signs will be placed at all entrance doors.

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